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In addition to our software offerings, we provide consulting, systems analysis and custom coding solutions as well as computer and network hardware purchasing, installation and service to meet the needs of businesses in the Ocala, Florida area.
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Designed for motor fuel wholesalers and distributors in Florida. Tracks deliveries and sales of fuel products. Prepares numerous reports for management & stations. Prepares reports and FSI data for monthly fuel tax reporting. $649.00 
Developed for use in-house to provide an easy-to-use, flexible, comprehensive search engine to locate information without having to file that information by category. We use it for our technical library, which contains hundreds of documents, many of which apply to more than one category. We also use it for a recipe database and to cross-reference information on Microsoft's Train Simulator, two of our hobbies. Each document is filed by number, which is assigned by the program. Relevant information, such as title, date, source, author and an abstract is also captured. Each document is assigned up to 10 keywords. Documents can be located by title, author and/or keyword as well as several other entries. $29.95 
(Demo available)
ShadeShop Lamp shade ordering software designed specifically for ordering Morlee Lampshade Co. products ( but adaptable to include products from other vendors as well. $599.00 
(Demo available)
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Routes OnOff
Version 1.14
A program to interactively enable/disable Microsoft Train Simulator routes. Disabled routes are not processed by the MSTS loader program, so the application starts quicker than with all routes enabled. Free
(support via email only)
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